LTCWM Earnings Disclaimer

Hello there! In accordance with basic FTC law, I am required to disclose that there are certain product links on my website (and emails) in which I will earn a commission for any purchases you may make.

Hold up — how!?  (You may be wondering.)

It’s called affiliate marketing.

Basically, I have unique links for certain products/services and when a person clicks and buys said product, I receive a small commission. It’s similar to how salespeople at certain clothing shops (like Lululemon) get commissions based on their total product sales. Except I’m doing it online.

Understand that my goal with this blog + podcast is to inspire people to learn to code. And show them the best way to do it.

While I wish I could sit back, learn to code and write blog posts + emails all day — I do have expenses. This is why I include affiliate links for certain products/courses/services.

In a similar way, some of the podcast episodes, blog posts, and emails you’ll see on LTCWM are sponsored by some awesome companies.

(Note: if you’re a company that wants to work with us, email us at

I only work with companies that have products and services that can help my readers and listeners.

I see this as a win-win-win situation. The sponsors get to tell you about their products, I get compensated for the time and money I spend on LTCWM, and you get to find out about tools that can help you learn to code and advance your career. Woo!

My primary goal is to help the LTCWM peeps!

Therefore I only include products and services that I actually think are worthwhile and useful. And, for the most part, those that I have personally used.

Important! Please do not spend money on any products, courses, books, or services I mention on the site unless you feel you need them or they will aid in reaching your goals.

While about 95% of the links, photographs, content, etc. on have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned, it’s easiest to assume that any link you come across is an affiliate link.

A few of the affiliate programs I am currently enrolled with include:

Yes, those links ^^ are affiliate links!

If you have any questions about why or how I use affiliate marketing on the site, contact me and the LTCWM team at

I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Personally, I think affiliate marketing is an amazing tool that not enough website owners take advantage of.

Or to learn more about affiliate marketing on your own, head over to Pat Flynn’s site at He is a genius.


Laurence Bradford