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Everything you need to learn new tech skills, earn more money, and level up your career — guaranteed. 

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If you told me 6 months ago that we’d be able to outdo ourselves again, I would have thought you were crazy… 

This question kept me up at night: What could I do to deeply impact as many people’s lives as possible?

At Learn to Code With Me, I wanted to help my audience learn tech skills that could help them earn tens of thousands of dollars more and transform the trajectory of their careers. But I wanted them to get results fast — and affordably. 

So 6 months ago, I went on a mission. What if I could get my audience access to mentorship and guidance from the very best leaders and teachers in tech — education worth thousands of dollars that’s delivered results for thousands of other students? 

After late nights, long brainstorming sessions, and dozens of meetings, our team came up with the answer

It was like the stars aligned at that moment.

What if I rallied the best and brightest tech course creators together, and convinced all of them to contribute their premium products to one ultimate bundle of educational resources for leveling up tech skills? 

Well, guess what? We did it. In November 2018, we partnered with 19 course creators who contributed 19 of the very best products — which together were valued at over $3,400. 

And now we’ve outdone ourselves by doing it again, creating the brand new Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox 2020 edition. This time we kicked it up a notch, and partnered with 27 experts to get you access to 33 (yes, you read that right!) premium products, worth $4,206. It’s the best deal we’ve ever been able to put together for you.

"I can’t believe you convinced all these top-notch creators to include their courses in your bundle. I have never seen anything like this before. I'm blown away."


Creator of, South Africa

You can absolutely level up your tech skills.And you can do it in less time than you think. 

Maybe you think you don’t have enough time to get into tech, or start freelancing, or build a tech-based business. Think again. 


The reality is that tech skills allow you to live a better life. They pay more and give you freedom and flexibility in your career, whatever your goals may be. As many say, “Every company is a tech company today.” 

On average, people spend 40 hours a week working. That’s 2,080 hours per year. Almost 25% of your life over the span of a year is spent working. 

You deserve to spend that ¼ of your adult life doing something that has meaning, pays well, offers world-class benefits, and gives you freedom. Enjoyment and fulfillment in your professional life is a foundation to overall happiness.

"I thought I was too late in the game to get started in tech, and that it would take too long to make the switch. But I was dead wrong. And the Tech Career Toolbox is the perfect shortcut for anybody who wants to make the transition."


Founder and CEO of Break Into Tech, Silicon Valley

Transitioning into tech will change your life.

It’s not too late. You can do this.


The Ultimate


The perfect course collection to level up your tech skills, make career moves, ask for a bigger paycheck, and more.

The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox contains 33 different tech courses and resources covering topics from web development to building apps to getting started as a freelancer. It's like a bottomless champagne brunch buffet, but for your tech career.

Success Story!

“I was skeptical at first. Thousands of dollars in courses for hundreds of dollars sounded too good to be true…

But the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox turned out to be the best way to save a whole bunch of time and spend a fraction of the price you would trying to get all these courses separately.

Plus, I never have to worry about buying additional tech courses online again. As I advance my learning and decide to pursue new subjects, I’m very fortunate that I can still access all of these courses that I bought months ago.

I was even able to drop out of my second bachelor’s degree to spend time working on these courses! You won't regret getting this bundle.”  


Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A carefully curated collection of:

27 video courses

180+ hours of video content



100+ coding projects & quizzes

Valued at: $4,206You pay: $239For 5 days only

Here are the 33 premium courses you’ll get today…

Career and freelancing

Front-end development

Back-end development

Full-stack development

Inside this once-in-a-lifetime bundle...

Learn programming languages and frameworks

Get career advice

Dive into languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, and others, plus frameworks and libraries like React Native and Next.js. Whether you want to develop websites, web applications, mobile apps, or all of the above, these courses will give you the foundation you need to succeed at it all.

Landing your first tech job doesn’t have to be rocket science. Inside the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox, there are courses that will help you discover what transitional role might be right for you, get job-ready (and interview-ready), and even launch your own business or start freelancing.

Land your dream job

Unsure which tech career is for you? We have courses covering topics like cybersecurity, machine learning, DevOps, web design and development, etc. Even beyond that, there are resources that lay out the steps necessary to turn your dream job into a reality.

Make more money

From honing your resume and self-marketing chops to mastering skills that demand a higher paycheck, we have you covered. The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox has programs and resources that will help you level up your salary or bring in your own profits as a freelancer. 

You won't believe everything you'll get for as little as

 $4,206    $239...

All of the courses and resources you'll get with the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox

available immediately after purchase.


Programming for Non-Programmers

by Chris Castiglione

Curious about coding? Want to learn to speak geek? This beginner course is an ideal introduction to web development and programming. This course will tackle basic development principles to get you started on the right path. Learn the difference between front-end and back-end, what UX is (and why your project needs it), how math factors in, and more. By the end of the class, you’ll learn to read code, you’ll create three web projects from scratch, and start feeling like a legit developer.

Chris Castiglione, programming course instructor at OneMonth and adjunct professor at Columbia University Business School.


in value

So far you're the only one who has been able to teach me how to code. An INCREDIBLE thank you!

— Darren Hakimi, Business Analyst


Learn Enough Application Development Bundle

by Michael Hartl

3 courses included:

  1. Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous
  2. The Ruby on Rails Tutorial 
  3. Learn Enough Action Cable to Be Dangerous

Michael Hartl, cofounder and principal author at Learn Enough and the author of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial.

This 3-in-1 bundle packs the power of multiple courses together. You’ll start by learning the elegant Ruby programming language, both for general programming and to make a simple web application. Then you’ll learn how to make professional-grade web apps with Ruby on Rails using the Rails Tutorial, the leading introduction to web development with Rails. In a final optional tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Action Cable to make real-time web apps that respond instantly to user input.


in value

This book by Michael Hartl came so highly recommended that I had to try it, and the Ruby on Rails Tutorial is what I used to switch back to Rails again.

— Derek Sivers, TED speaker and founder of CDBaby


Six-Figure Tech Resume Workshop

by Rebecca Garcia

Your resume is often the piece of paper (physical or virtual) between you and your dream job--so you want to be sure it shines! This workshop course is for anyone looking to easily create a resume that gets noticed. If your resume has been hearing crickets, then this will give it the boost it needs to get into the hands of recruiters and hiring managers. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn step-by-step how to pick out the right keywords, structure your resume and highlight your skills & experience.

Rebecca Garcia, self-taught developer, podcaster at A Life Well Hacked, and career strategist for women in tech.


in value

Updating my resume has always been so daunting...but after this workshop I feel so empowered to create a resume that really represents me.

— Stephenia


JavaScript Basics for Beginners

by Mosh Hamedani

Some of the world's biggest companies like Walmart, Netflix, and PayPal use JavaScript (JS), and if you're looking for a career in web or mobile app development, you MUST know JS well. This course is an ideal starting point for anyone who wants to master the fundamentals of JavaScript. It breaks down modern JavaScript into digestible and easy-to-understand pieces using real-world examples, exercises and step-by-step solutions. 

Mosh Hamedani, software engineer for 20+ years, YouTuber, and course instructor who has taught over 9 million people how to code.


in value

I took @moshhamedani JavaScript for Beginners course months back and I must confess it really is the best JS course on the internet. Mosh explains concepts in depth leaving you with the full context. Every newbie should try this.

— Bolaji Ayodeji


The Fundamentals of Programming with Python

by Tim Ruscica

This course is about far more than just Python as a language. Creator Tim Ruscica believes that the key to success in coding is to start with a strong foundation of fundamental programming concepts. This knowledge will help you succeed while teaching yourself any coding language in the future. Over 4 hours of video teaching, 2 sets of comprehensive exercises, and an instructor-graded final project, you'll grasp fundamental concepts first, before learning how to apply them within the context of the Python language itself. 

Tim Ruscica, software engineer at Microsoft and programming instructor on his 270k+ YouTube channel, Tech With Tim.


in value


The Front End Developer Bootcamp

by Jon Lue

If you have a vague idea of wanting to be a programmer but aren't sure where to it here! This beginner-friendly course teaches you the fundamentals of front-end web development. By the time you finish, you’ll have complete mastery of the languages and frameworks of the front end web. Along with 20+ hours of high-quality video content taught by an experienced college instructor, you will build dynamic and interactive projects. 

Jon Lue, software engineer, college instructor, and founder of programming education website Coder Vox.


in value


Freelancing & Beyond eBook

by Kyle Prinsloo

Looking to strike out on your own as a freelancer? The idea is attractive to many--set your own hours, choose your client projects, and work from anywhere. But there are a lot of logistics involved in freelancing as well. This course prepares you to tackle those responsibilities that you won't always see in an office 9-5. You'll learn how to brand yourself, how to get clients, how to write winning proposals, pricing your services, AdWords, SEO and more. 

Kyle Prinsloo, creator of Study Web Development, where he helps web designers and developers become successful freelancers.


in value

The best investment I've made so far on web development. I just got a client in a few days thanks to these strategies!

— Julian Anderson, Frontend Developer


Web Design Crash Course for Creative Bloggers

by Sarah Eggers

Everyone who has their own website, builds them for others, or just surfs the web themselves knows that design can make or break the user experience. Over 1,800 bloggers and entrepreneurs have taken this 3-week crash course since 2016 so they could equip themselves with the skills to successfully design and manage their own websites. It teaches the key basics of web design in easy-to-understand lectures and homework assignments. Use your new skills to create a gorgeous and engaging experience. 

Sarah Eggers, web designer and marketer who primarily works with small business owners and bloggers.


in value

I am really enjoying the course and learning A LOT! I learn best when I use all three methods (audio/visual/kinesthetic) so I really enjoy the videos and the homework. Thank you for taking something that seems so daunting and breaking it down into easy to handle information bites.

— Melissa K.


Mars Rover API Workshop: Create a Web App with NASA Data

by Trevor Page

It’s not every day you get to build an app that shows you a day in the life of a real Mars Rover! In this video course you will learn how to create a Java web app from scratch using the most popular frameworks in today's professional landscape. While building a fun mobile-responsive web app that pulls pictures from another planet, you'll learn the 5 pillars of full-stack Java programming: Front-end, MVC, server-side, ORM, and Database. 

Trevor Page, software engineer for 13+ years who specializes in teaching Java programming to aspiring coders.


in value


Hands-on Web Development with ASP.NET Core & Angular 7

by Reynald Adolphe

Have you ever wondered why so many apps never become successful or popular, while others take off immediately? A lot of it boils down to how user-friendly it is. This course will teach you to blend the power of Angular UI and .NET Core to create interactive, real-world applications that can easily communicate between the front-end and back-end. Hands-on projects include creating shopping apps and web services for querying data. By the end, you will be a confident full-stack developer on Angular and ASP.NET projects. 

Reynald Adolphe, technologist, .NET developer, speaker, and consultant focusing on UX, UI, back-end dev, and web apps.


in value

Reynald is a great instructor, he explains a lot of content very fast and thoughtfully… In the end, this was a great way to quickly get started with Angular and ASP.NET.

— Peter Tran


Principles For Programmers: The Condensed Advice From The World's Best

by Andrei Neagoie

Whether you are just starting to learn to code, or have many years of experience, Principles For Programmers is a valuable and actionable collection of key principles to ensure you are on the path to success. From tips and tricks on writing code the right way to becoming a stronger manager, the 40 principles in this book have been put together based on years of collecting advice, articles, books and opinions of some of the best programmers, thought leaders, and business experts in the world. 

Andrei Neagoie, founder of Zero To Mastery Academy and top-rated programming course instructor.


in value

This had a lot of great timeless wisdom that every new developer could benefit from. I would recommend to anyone trying to become a better developer.

— Jason Roell


Mastering Next.js -
The Complete Guide To Universal JavaScript

by Lee Robinson

If you're eying a potential future working with JavaScript, and specifically its React library, you should know that 30% of React developers use Next.js. Learning this framework can make you more marketable in developer roles. Over 12 modules containing 5 hours of content, this video course teaches you all about building static and server-side rendered applications with Next.js and React, showing you example applications and source code so you can see behind the scenes. 

Lee Robinson, full-stack developer, writer, speaker, and creator with a passion for React and Next.js.


in value

Mastering Next.js is 🔥Superb bundled content and worth every 💲

— Lu Fehr


The Ultimate Guide for Getting Into Cybersecurity for Beginners

by Tailor Herrarte

If you're considering entering the field of cybersecurity (or you've already started learning the skills you need), this course will set you out on the right path. It covers things like which specific subset of the career is best for your skills and interests, what lifestyle you can expect as a cybersecurity professional, what kind of education and certifications you'll need for specific roles, how to gain experience and find a job when you're self-taught, and more. 

Tailor Herrarte, cybersecurity engineer who went from corporate work to owning her own cybersecurity consulting business.


in value


React Native by Example: Build Real-World Apps with React Native

by Spencer Carli

Is your dream to build your own mobile apps or do it for a living? This course was developed after working with thousands of students learning React Native and based on what was effective for them. Often, coders may finish a course or book and feel lost about how to move forward afterward. By guiding students through 10 unique example apps, React Native by Example prepares you to build mobile apps in the wild, regardless of what requirements you come across. 

Spencer Carli, freelance software developer building mobile apps with React Native and teaching others how to do the same.


in value

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I just built and pushed my first react native app to the App Store. You have NO idea how much time, stress and anxiety you've saved me with this video series. I learned so much from these. New tools, and methods of building for production. I'm not even done yet, I just had to stop and thank you before I continued. YOU. ROCK. simple as that.

— Jonathan W.


Land the Perfect Job with LinkedIn

by Jeremy Schifeling

LinkedIn is way more than an online resume. It's a place to connect with others in the tech industry, get headhunted by recruiters, showcase projects, and more. Learn how to master this powerful platform with step-by-step instruction from former LinkedIn employees. In short, there are 5 steps. (1) Optimize. Turn your profile into a total recruiter magnet (2) Search. Find the right companies, people + roles (3) Connect. Build an army of supporters + put them to work for you (4) Network. Get a referral that gets you a guaranteed interview (5) Win. Leverage insider info to ace your interview + negotiation. 

Jeremy Schifeling, founder and CEO of career resource site Break Into Tech. He has landed roles at Apple, LinkedIn, and Google.


in value

Since I have completed the course, I added almost 70 new connections, received a 200% increase in profile views, and I was even contacted directly by a recruiter in my industry.

— Brandon S.


Automating G Suite with Google Apps Script

by Laurence Svekis

3 courses included:

  1. Introduction to Google Apps Script – How to Automate Things With Code
  2. Project: Build a Dynamic Image Gallery with Google Apps Script and JavaScript 
  3. Project: Use Google Apps Script to Automatically Create and Email Custom PDFs

Laurence Svekis, innovative technology expert who has taught web development and digital marketing strategy for 18 years.


in value

Automating things like busywork can make your life more efficient. This bundle contains 3 courses that will help you learn the Google Apps Script language and use it to automate tasks within the Google Suite of products. It’s a low-code platform that even beginners can use to build custom solutions for Gmail, Sheets, and more. Get more done and enjoy the satisfaction of being able to see quick results from your coding skills.


Introduction To Vue.js

by Erik Hanchett

Ever wish that you had been the one to build Twitter? Well, you can at least learn how to recreate it! This 3-hour course provides a beginner-level introduction to Vue.js. You'll discover why it's a framework that's worth adding to your skill arsenal and learn the basics. At the end, you'll use what you learned to create a Twitter clone! 

Erik Hanchett, full-stack developer, author, YouTuber, and blogger who has taught thousands of people to code.


in value


30 Days DevOps Bootcamp

by Gourav Shah

You might know some things about DevOps already--but many aspiring DevOps professionals struggle to take this knowledge from concept to implementation. This 30-day course uses a real-world project to show various DevOps practices in action, including revision control, continuous integration pipelines, container-based work, observability systems, and more. You'll also learn the story of DevOps to understand how it began and evolved.

Gourav Shah, published author, speaker, and DevOps coach who worked his way up in tech and now teaches 60k+ students.


in value

One of a kind of course. My search for DevOps journey about finding best material online has come to an end. Thanks for such wonderful course content, your presentation style and clear, lucid words used while presentation. Thank you very much.

— Shivprasad


C# and .NET Core for Beginners

by Pontus Wittenmark

Whether you have any experience in programming or not, this course will get you up to speed and writing in C#. Learn the fundamentals of the C# language and .NET Core, the syntax and structure of a C# program, working with things like variables, arrays, classes, objects, properties, and more. You'll be applying what you've learned by writing code along with the instructor to build a hangman game from start to finish. 

Pontus Wittenmark, passionate trainer and consultant with over 20 years of programming experience in C#, ASP.NET, and more.


in value

Very detailed, comprehensive, easy to understand, clear, to the point, great hints, has the answers to questions that pop up in my mind before I even ask them...great instructor, very smart. Looking forward to seeing more courses by this instructor.

— Victor G.


Beginner's ES6 Programming: Code for the Web in JavaScript

by John Bura

JavaScript is called the standard programming language of the web, which is why it's a favorite among developers. Get your start in JS through this course, learning its fundamental building blocks first. Then, dive into ES6--another name for JavaScript v6--and learn about its new features, important concepts, using tools like Gulp, Webpack, and Babel, etc. It helps if you have coded with HTML or CSS before, but it's not required. As you learn, you'll be presented with practical examples and build your own portfolio projects. 

John Bura, founder of Mammoth Interactive, game developer, and teacher who has been featured at NBC, IGN, and Harvard.


in value

This course has made clear to me many obscure concepts about JS. I've tried to learn it for years. This makes it easy.

— Igor K.


Active Rails: Build a Rails 6 Application From the Ground Up

by Ryan Bigg

Yes, you can learn app building from a book! In this eBook from a prolific Rails author, you'll learn how to build production-quality Rails applications from the ground up. The methodology is guided by TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development) to make the app as user-friendly and problem-free as possible. 

Ryan Bigg, author of Rails books and documentation for 10+ years, prolific on Stack Overflow, and works with open source.


in value


Freelance Developer Masterclass

by Hahna Latonick

Want to work from home or remotely while turning your coding skills into cash? Hahna’s course will help you achieve that. Inside this 10-module course, you’ll learn how to go from $0 to $10K with your freelance developer business over the next 90 days. Go at your own pace and join the mastermind group to get your questions answered and continued accountability. As a bonus, you'll receive the "Protect Your Business Package," which comes with the necessary legal documents you need to run and protect your business.

Hahna Latonick, founder of Invent With Code and featured on national media outlets including Fox Business News & Entrepreneur.


in value

I landed my first client that needs help with their start-up business site. I am ready to really do this! I cannot wait to use this opportunity to create my own schedule. More than anything I want to be able to walk my kids to school and enjoy making them breakfast every morning; rather than practically pushing them out of the car, so I can get to work on time!

— Alisha Arnold, Web Developer

Thanks in part to Hahna’s great advice, I have secured a few local clients recently!

— Angela Bronson, Web Developer


Master Remote Interviewing

by Sam Gavis-Hughson

Especially in today's climate, remote coding interviews have become the norm. In this 2-part workshop, you will learn the strategies that the instructor has used to help hundreds of students land jobs at all the top tech companies. It covers specific strategies and techniques that have been tailored for remote interviewing. By the end of these two sessions, you will be able to immediately start applying what you learned to make the best possible impression in every interview. 

Sam Gavis-Hughson, founder of Byte by Byte, where he helps software engineers succeed at interviews with top tech companies.


in value

I learned about the best approaches depending on my time constraints as well as how to better approach ‘learning how to solve’ problems or strategize. I'll be creating a set schedule and organizing myself better on types of problems and breadth vs just quantity.


Machine Learning for Beginners Course Bundle

by 365 Data Science

3 courses included:

  1. Introduction to Python - Learn to Code in Python
  2. Machine Learning in Python - Develop Predictive Analytics Skills in Python
  3. Deep Learning With TensorFlow 2.0 - Start Deploying Complicated Deep Learning Algorithms in Python

365 Data Science, industry-leading educational platform specializing in data science training and certifications.


in value

Aspiring data scientists will want to have Python under their belt. This 3-course bundle starts by covering Python programming before honing in on its use in machine learning and predictive analytics. Indeed ranked machine learning engineer as the #1 best job in the US! Pursuing this career path gives you the chance to work on exciting projects like self-driving cars and the Internet of Things, all while pulling in a lucrative salary.


HTML5 Authoring with CSS Certification Course

by Mark Lassoff

HTML is the scaffolding for every website on the internet, in addition to many web applications and mobile displays. It's also one of the simplest languages to learn as a beginner! You can earn the Framework HTML5 Specialist Certification by completing this course and turning in all exercises and projects. The HTML5 Specialist Designation is validated by, so you can link to your private certification page on your resume and LinkedIn. 

Mark Lassoff, founder and president of Framework TV, where over a million people have learned web and mobile development.


in value

Fantastic course, just love the fact that you have to submit ‘homework’ which is checked and then you get personal feedback on your code. Mark is a ‘Master Explainer’ who can feed you small chunks of knowledge so you get up and running in no time.

— Vico E.


Learn Java the Hard Way (eBook + Videos)

by Graham Mitchell

"The hard way" might sound a little intense, but if you're serious about learning Java and ready to put in the work, it's effective! The course comes with a 244-page eBook that pairs with tutorial videos, Java source code for example programs, and dozens of study drills. Once you've tried your hand at each drill, follow along with answer videos to see how the expert solutions compare.

Graham Mitchell, software engineer at Expedia Group and coding teacher for 20 years whose students went on to top tech firms.


in value

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write Learn Java the Hard Way. I’ve always wanted to learn programming, but just never had the time or funds to go to school for it. I’ve tried various online courses, but not one of them took the time to explain why you typed what you did … It’s like you know what questions are going to be asked, and if the answers aren’t in the book, I can watch the videos and find them.

— Diane E.


Simple Steps JavaScript

by Yaphi Berhanu

If you've ever struggled with other JavaScript courses, you're not alone. This online course was developed specifically for you! Simple Steps JavaScript gets you working hands-on right away with projects and drills that reinforce what you've learned in each lesson. You won't have to digest a ton of content all at once before putting it into practice. You’ll start with the basics and proceed to learn functions, logic, styles, interactivity, data structures, and more. By the end, you'll complete over 10 portfolio projects. 

Yaphi Berhanu, founder of Simple Steps Code, where he helps beginners learn front-end web development in an accessible way.


in value

I am really happy with the course. I couldn’t do much in the past because although I knew the syntax I found it hard to ‘think’ the JS way. But now that you have made functions crystal clear (as well as objects and methods) I can do lots of things. My understanding has increased exponentially, and I’m enjoying all the exercises

— Lucia P.

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People love the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox.Here's proof. 

The bundle helped me finally find direction on where to take my coding career. I loved that it wasn’t focused on a single path—it has a variety of different resources to help guide you on your journey. Also, I was amazed at the high quality and breadth of courses, as well as the instructors.

— HEATH PUCEL, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

So much value at a great price! The bundle has so many things—courses, templates, and case studies—that saved me a lot of time figuring out where to start. It also introduced me to new topics in the field.

— KIAN L. PARAS, Quezon City, Philippines

My biggest win after purchasing The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox was being able to test out so many different languages and frameworks! It definitely has a few things for everyone.


You need a kick to DO something and it doesn't get easier than a wide-ranging bundle of resources that walk you through various tech world starting points.

— CRYSTAL BUDGE, Dallas, Texas, USA

This is right on time! Having a process mapped out removes yet another layer of "what do I do next"-type of inertia… THANK YOU SO MUCH ! :-)


This can help me expand my horizons in freelancing and marketing, data analysis and web design. I think the whole process to get the courses and access has been pretty easy. It's exciting to learn new things!


The whole bundle is amazing! It covers almost every aspect I could think of! This is a must-have. Keep creating these opportunities!


Let's recap!

Here’s everything you get with the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox 2020.

Programming for Non-Programmers

New to the world of programming? Learn how to read code, understand tech lingo, and create your first projects. 



Learn Enough Application Development Bundle: Learn Ruby, Ruby on Rails, & Action Cable

A 3-course bundle that guides you through creating professional-grade web applications with Ruby on Rails.



Six-Figure Tech Resume Workshop

Make your resume shine by following this workshop's actionable steps on keywords, structure, information to include, and more.



JavaScript Basics for Beginners

Beginners to JavaScript will start out on the right foot by mastering the basics in an easy-to-understand way and solving exercises.



The Fundamentals of Programming with Python

Set yourself up for success by grasping the fundamental programming concepts that can be applied to any language. Apply them with hands-on exercises and a graded project using Python.



The Front End Developer Bootcamp

Go from zero programming knowledge to front-end mastery during this bootcamp-style course.



Freelancing & Beyond eBook

Learn the fundamentals of freelancing, including marketing yourself, pricing your services, landing clients, understanding SEO and AdWords, and more.



Web Design Crash Course for Creative Bloggers

Design beautiful, engaging websites with the help of this 3-week crash course aimed toward bloggers and small business owners.



Mars Rover API Workshop: Create a Web App with NASA Data

Build a fun, mobile-responsive web app as you learn and implement the 5 core pillars of Java.



Hands-on Web Development with ASP.NET Core & Angular 7

Build interactive, user-friendly applications using ASP.NET and Angular to become a confident full-stack developer.



Principles For Programmers: The Condensed Advice From The World's Best

Glean advice from some of the best programmers and thought leaders in the tech industry, so you can avoid common pitfalls and set yourself up for success.



Mastering Next.js - The Complete Guide To Universal JavaScript

Aspiring JavaScript/React developers will learn how to use the Next.js framework to create static and server-side rendered applications.



The Ultimate Guide for Getting Into Cybersecurity for Beginners

It is possible to enter the cybersecurity field as a self-taught professional, and this guide will get you started on the right path.



React Native by Example: Build Real-World Apps with React Native

Go behind the scenes of 10 example React Native apps as you prepare to build your own.



Land the Perfect Job with LinkedIn

Amp up your LinkedIn game in 5 simple steps to network your way to success.



Automating G Suite with Google Apps Script (Course Bundle)

Make your life easier by automating tasks in your Google Suite using Google Apps Script.



Introduction To Vue.js

Explore Vue.js on a beginner level to learn the basics of the framework, why it's useful, and how to build a Twitter clone with what you learned.



30 Days DevOps Bootcamp

Take core DevOps practices from concept to implementation in just 30 days.



C# and .NET Core for Beginners

Build a hangman game throughout this course as you learn beginner- and intermediate-level C# skills.



Beginner's ES6 Programming: Code for the Web in JavaScript

Start coding with JavaScript, the most popular language among web developers. Specifically, this course teaches the ES6 version with its newer features and concepts.



Active Rails: Build a Rails 6 Application From the Ground Up

Learn how to build a production-quality Rails 6 application from the ground up.



Freelance Developer Masterclass

Learn how to go from $0 to $10K with your freelance developer business in just 90 days.



Master Remote Interviewing

Remote coding interviews are the new reality for tech job-hunters. Learn how to navigate them successfully!



Machine Learning for Beginners Course Bundle

Dive into Python as a programming language, then specifically its use in data science and machine learning throughout this 3-course bundle.



HTML5 Authoring with CSS Certification Course

Get certified as a Framework HTML5 Specialist by completing all exercises and projects in this course as you learn!



Learn Java the Hard Way (eBook + Videos)

Hard things are worth doing, especially in programming! Base your Java study on the 244-page eBook, paired with video tutorials and drills.



Simple Steps JavaScript

Put JavaScript to use immediately as you learn it through bite-sized content combined with hands-on projects and drills.



Total bundle value: $4,206You pay: $239That's 94% in savings!

This is the ONLY time you’ll be able to access all of these top-notch coding products at this price. Deals like this don’t come around often. 

What are you waiting for?

Who's behind the bundle?

Laurence Bradford is the creator of Learn to Code With Me. She was inspired to learn tech skills after realizing the potential they had to improve lives and careers. In the past, Laurence has worked as a product manager, teacher, and freelance developer. Now, she manages Learn to Code With Me full-time to provide others with the knowledge, resources, and opportunities they need to successfully teach themselves these valuable technical skills.

Laurence has been featured on:

Supporting diversity in the future of tech

When you purchase the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox, 10% of Learn to Code With Me’s profits will be donated to All Star Code, a non-profit organization that helps young Black and Latino men learn computer science skills.

The goal of All Star Code is to create economic opportunity and a career support network for young men of color with an entrepreneurial mindset. They’ll gain skills, connections, and confidence during the flagship six-week coding bootcamp. Beyond that summer program, these young people will benefit from ongoing alumni services to increase their professional access in an industry where minorities are under-represented.

Learn to Code With Me is proud to support coding education for all.

So many of the products we use today are tech tools and platforms, and the people building these products should be as diverse as the people consuming them. Representation is so important in building a world where everyone can thrive and have a voice. 

Initiatives like this have the potential not just to change individual lives, but to send ripple effects through families, communities, and future generations. We believe in All Star Code’s mission to close wealth and opportunity gaps for these young people. And we can’t wait to see where they go next and how their ideas will help shape the future of tech!

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How it works

How do I receive the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox bundle?

After purchasing, you’ll be able to access bundle contents on our platform with an account that you set up during checkout. Inside the member area, you will get instructions on how to access each product. Please note that you may need to provide information to our contributors when accessing their online course or products, but you will not be charged anything extra on their platforms.

How does the payment plan work?

You have two payment options when you purchase the bundle: pay in full or pay in three monthly installments. If you choose the payment plan, you’ll be billed three times on the same day every month.

When purchasing a payment plan, PayPal isn't available. Payment plans can only be purchased with credit or debit card.

Will I have to pay any additional fees to access courses after I buy the bundle?

No—all courses inside the bundle will be available to you for absolutely free after you make your purchase. All bundle contributors are fully aware of this setup—we’ve been working together already for months :)

How long will I be able to access the different products online?

You will have lifetime access to every product inside the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox, as long as you redeem them within six months.

After you purchase the bundle, you’ll immediately be taken to the member area where you’ll receive special codes that you’ll use to redeem the courses from creators. You need to redeem the courses on our partner’s platforms within six months. (But we suggest you do this immediately so you don’t forget later!) Again, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the products.

What order should I go through the courses?

Ultimately, you have the freedom to go through them however you want. But if you’re not sure what you want to learn yet, we put together a resource to guide you through the courses arranged by topic and level! See it here.

Why is the sale only for 5 days?

If you were to purchase each product in the bundle individually, you’d spend thousands of dollars. Fortunately, we’ve been able to get special permission from each partner to bring you this special sale. Because it’s discounted at 94% off the actual price of the products, the deal can only last for 5 days.

Who the bundle is for

Are these courses good for absolute beginners?

The best thing about the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox is that it runs the gamut as far as levels go. It’s great for beginners and beyond! To see a full breakdown of all the courses inside the bundle, their level, and more, continue to our in-depth guide here.

Are these courses good for intermediate or advanced learners?

The bundle offers a little something for everyone. For instance, if you’ve already mastered one (or several) programming languages, the bundle is a great way to learn others you don’t know yet, or advance your skills with special frameworks and libraries. Maybe you already know React.js but would like to learn Vue.js, too. Again, you can check out our in-depth course guide to see what levels all the courses are.

Will this work for me if I live outside the United States?

Yes! These products/courses (and the information they contain) are not location-dependent.

Will this be worthwhile if I’m not sure what tech path I want to take?

Absolutely. You’ll get a chance to dip your toe into the water of plenty of different programming languages and specialties, and some courses are specifically designed to help you answer this question.

What if I’m busy and don’t have lots of time right now to go through the courses?

Perfectly fine! You have lifetime access to ALL products inside the bundle. You can buy them and redeem them now, and get to them when you get to them.

About the products

What format do the products come in?

All of the products are available digitally. Most come in the form of video, text, and PDF downloads. To see a full breakdown of the courses and their format, continue here.

How long is each course?

Every course is completely different, and they take anywhere from 60 minutes to 20+ hours. However, most are in the 2-10 hours range. To see a full breakdown of all the courses inside the bundle, continue here.

Are there subtitles/transcriptions on videos?

Again, it depends on the course. Four of the video courses contain transcriptions, subtitles, and/or closed captions. And five other programs are entirely text and image based. For full details on accessibility options, continue to our bundle course guide.

Are certificates available?

9 courses inside the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox come with certifications. To learn more about which do, visit our in-depth course guide.

Can I access the products from my phone/tablet?

It depends on the product. However, for most, you will be able to access them from a mobile device or tablet.

Are all the courses online?

Yes. All products are electronic. You won’t receive any physical products in the mail.

Are all of these products different to the products in last year’s

Yes. All of the products in the 2020 Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox are different from the ones in 2019. While we have repeat authors and creators from last year, they’re contributing different products.

What if...

If I don’t buy the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox bundle now, can I get it later?

No—when the sale is over, it’s over. This is such a unique and valuable promotion that we unfortunately can’t keep it open forever. You only have until Friday, June 26th at midnight ET to get this deal.

What if I already own one of the products in the bundle?

You’ll still get all of the other awesome resources, plus the newest copy of the product you already have! This is 33 products for the price of just one or two, so it’s still a great deal.

Can I buy just one of the products?

When you get the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox, you get all 33 products for just $239. There is no picking and choosing in that sense. However, it’s certainly your choice whether or not to redeem access or go through all the programs.

What if I need help/support while going through the course(s)?

For most of the courses, the creators will have an email address (or another method of communication) that you can use to contact them. If possible, please get in touch directly with the creator if you have a question specific to the content in their course.

9 courses have additional support resources such as private Facebook groups, Slack channels, and other methods of support. Learn more here.

If you have questions or need support in relation to the bundle (e.g. signing up for programs, logging into your Learn To Code With Me account, etc.) please contact us at

What is your refund policy?

We have a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days, no questions asked. Just shoot us a note and we’ll get you a refund.

I have a question that wasn’t answered above. What should I do?

You can contact us via live chat or email by clicking the message icon at the lower right-hand side of the page. Alternatively, you can send an email to Just remember that because it is a time-sensitive offer, if you send us an email a few hours before the deal ends, we may not be able to respond in time. So please ask us your questions before the deadline gets close :)

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