CodeInterview started as a hobby project from the need to test candidates' coding skills during remote interviews. We intended to make the screening process as effective and accurate as possible by letting developers code in their favourite environments while the recruiters have the ability to observe the process in real-time.

This was the vision then and it is the vision now - developer friendly, easy and effective code interviewing services.

  • The core service will stay free of charge
  • The IDE plugins will stay free of charge
  • We will charge for premium features

What does this mean to you? The core service is here to stay. The plugins will stay open source. We will make sure that you can conduct developer friendly, easy and effective code interviews for years to come. At the same time we will offer paid premium services to individuals and companies that require more than just a single interview here and there.

We hope that this openness and commitment will help people use and promote this service as the easiest code interviewing tool out there :)

In code we trust, CodeInterview Team



Helmer Aaviksoo
Taniel Põld
Toomas Römer
Martti Andresson