CodeInterview Initial Launch

Toomas Römer
1 June 2011

Two months ago a team of 6 took part of the Garage48 challenge - implement an idea in 48 hours and present it to the public. Our idea was to code a website that would help you conduct code interviews. Well, we are developers and so our idea was a bit geeky. The event went well, presentation also but we took our site down just after. Now, nearly 2 months later we are up and running again.

So, what happened? We were not happy with the results. Design, implementation, texts. The team was exhausted from the 48 hour hacking session to fix stuff and we all have real jobs. Jobs that pay. Over the months we've chatted a lot over Skype and done fixes here and there. Now finally we came together IRL and gave the finishing touches.

So without further ado we are happy to announce CodeInterview. A website to create and conduct code interviews. You know these interviews where you ask the candidate to write some code and they say that they would do a lot better in their IDE instead of a webform? Yeah, those. The main difference to Google Docs and other such solutions is that you can actually use your IDE. The candidate is happy and more productive. Currently, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA are supported.

What do we have planned for next?

We will try to support as many IDEs out there as possible and hopefully we'll get contributions in that regard. We've opensourced the current plugins and we hope we can continue the same with the plugins to come. Besides that we're a bunch of happy hackers and hopefully we can provide this service as long as possible.

We do have plans for premium offers but that will have to wait until we have the time to deliver that.

Happy Coding
CodeInterview Team