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What JavaScript Projects Can I Build to Show Future Employers?


“I’ve been trying to study JavaScript for a while. Now, I’ve been reading the online version of the book Eloquent Javascript, it’s very good, but I also want to create something with JavaScript, something that could show my abilities for future employers. Any ideas?”


Hey! Great question.

I *love* the idea of building projects that you can show to future employers or simply to just practice your skills.

General things to keep in mind before building:

  • Build something you are passionate about – like something that relates to cooking, yoga, hardening – whatever your passion may be
  • Make it useful – not just for you, but for others, too
  • Have it be “safe for work” (kind of “duh” since you’ll be showing it to potential employers!)
  • Ideally, have it be a project you don’t have to maintain (AKA build it once, and then you are done)

Here are a few JavaScript-specific Ideas:

  • A quiz (can be frontend only)see the SlickQuiz JS Plugin – bonus points if it is practical (like, “Which city should I visit in Cape Code?”)
  • The “to-do” list app – a web app where you can add items to a list, and they appear below. Could also take the form as a grocery list app.
  • Timer – something like a stopwatch.
  • Calculator – self-explanatory.
  • Information site – incorporate JS as you explain a topic you love / give tips on something in particular

These are just a few ideas. But, really, the sky’s the limit! In my opinion, building something you actually care about and has some practical use is more important.


Because building something you care about will help ensure a good end result. And having it be practical/helpful is even better because other people will find it helpful. And this will impress future employers.

Hope this helps!

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