43 Best Web Development Courses Online in 2021 (Free & Paid)

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When you want to learn web development, half the battle is figuring out where to start learning to code. You might have questions like:

  • Where can I learn to code?
  • What are the best online web development courses?
  • Which platforms offer coding for beginners?
  • What are the most important programming fundamentals to master?

There are so many online web development courses out there that the amount of options can be overwhelming. It makes it easy to spend too much time researching and never actually doing anything about it!

I want to help you figure out how to learn web development — and specifically the best way to learn web development for you. The best courses to become a web developer won’t be the same for everyone, after all! To learn web development successfully, it’s all about starting with a few core activities, then finding what works with your unique goals and learning preferences.

Disclosure: I’m a proud affiliate for some of the resources mentioned in this article. If you buy a product through my links on this page, I may get a small commission for referring you. Thanks!

Psst! Totally new to tech and coding?

If you’ve never done any coding before, I recommend starting with one of the free courses mentioned further down in this article.

Once you’ve built a foundation, come back to check out the platforms and web development courses below!

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43 of the Best Web Development Courses (by Platform)

In this section, discover some of the best web development courses on the most popular platforms where you can learn web development. The list is organized by platform, with a few of the best courses from each. These platforms and courses to become a web developer are great resources to turn to when you want a sense of structure as you teach yourself to code. 

Please note that pricing listed below may change in the future!


Codecademy offers classes in 14 different programming languages and 10 different tech subjects (e.g., web development, data science, machine learning, game dev). This platform is great for people who prefer hands-on learning, as opposed to watching video lectures, since Codecademy is mostly text-based with written instructions that guide you through how to write real code in a text editor. 

💰 $39.99/month or $239.88/year. Read my full review of Codecademy here.


Best Codecademy Web Development Courses

Web Development (Career Path)

This course will take you from absolute beginner to junior web developer by teaching you in-demand full stack skills (e.g., HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL, React, APIs). You’ll get a certificate of completion to add to your resume or LinkedIn. 

Learn how to build websites (Skill Path)

In this course, you’ll learn how to build a real responsive website completely from scratch using HTML/CSS, Flexbox, and GitHub Pages. A great intro to learning web development in a hands-on way.

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Code with Mosh

Courses on Code with Mosh are taught by Mosh Hamedani, a software engineer with 20 years of experience in the industry. With clear, concise training (no fluff), the platform has over 30 courses to choose from. These courses are what Mosh wished he had when he was first learning web development.

💰 $19/month for access to all courses; can buy courses individually as well. 

code with mosh

Best Code with Mosh Web Development Courses

The Ultimate Full-stack JavaScript Developer Bundle

Covers everything you need to know to become an expert full-stack JavaScript developer in 6 different courses (including React, Node.js, SQL, and more). Mix of theory and practice. 

Build a Real-world App with ASP.NET Core 1.0+ and Angular 2+

In this course, you’ll learn how to build an app for an imaginary vehicle dealer using ASP.NET Core and Angular. Beyond teaching you the technology, this course teaches you how to think like a web developer.

The Ultimate Git Mastery Course

If you want to become a web developer, you have to know the tools real devs use day-to-day on the job. Enter Git, a popular version control system that devs use to collaborate with other developers easily. This course helps you understand Git inside and out so you’ll be job-ready.

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Coursera is an online platform that hosts courses from top universities around the world. They offer individual web development courses as well as specializations. Since the courses are taught by real university professors, you can be confident they’re some of the best online web development courses. Coursera also grants certificates upon program completion that you can easily showcase on your resume and/or LinkedIn. 

💰 The cost of subscription is between $39–$79/month, depending on the course/specialization. Read my full review of Coursera here.


Best Coursera web development courses

HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers

Taught by Johns Hopkins University, this course teaches the basic tools every aspiring web developer needs to know. 52% of students started a new career after completing these courses.

Full Stack Web and Multiplatform Mobile App Development Specialization

This specialization offers five comprehensive courses that cover front-end frameworks (Bootstrap 4, Angular), NoSQL databases, RESTful APIs, and more. Best for people who already have knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS

In this course, learn to solve problems like a programmer, write JavaScript programs, build web pages with HTML, and make web pages interactive.

Check out these other awesome Coursera courses:

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edX was created by Harvard and MIT and features university-level courses, microdegrees, professional certificates, and online degrees taught by 140+ leading institutions. Covers a wide range of academic topics, with web development and related subjects being a big focus. 

💰 It’s free to audit these courses, or between $50 and $300 to receive a verified certificate. Read my full review of edX here.


Best edX Web Development Courses

Professional Certificate in Front-End Web Developer

Learn how to code with modern HTML5 tags, draw and animate fun web graphics, and develop interactive web apps with JS.

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

Great for those who want a solid understanding of computer science, including data structures and algorithms. Along the way, you’ll be exposed to languages like C, Python, SQL, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.

Programming for the Web with JavaScript

Designed for intermediate learners, this course provides an intro to modern web development using JavaScript and its frameworks (React, D3, etc.).

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Launch School

If you’re determined to invest the time it takes to be able to code with your eyes closed, Launch School is the place for you! Their focus on “mastery-based learning” emphasizes a slow, steady, and deep learning of fundamentals. You move onto new topics once you fully grasp the current one. 

💰 $199/month.

launch school

Learn web development at Launch School

Launch School has one core curriculum (instead of multiple courses), but you have the option of learning JavaScript or Ruby. After completing the core curriculum, you can move onto “Advanced Electives” that focus on frameworks and more advanced topics like TDD and working with APIs.

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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a massive online learning library with over 5,000 video courses at the time of writing. And they are always adding more! With so many courses, they offer topics ranging far beyond web development and design. And since subscribing gets you access to every single course, you might want to add a few other skills in addition to learning web development! 

💰 $29.99/month or $239.88/year. Read my full review of LinkedIn Learning here.

linkedin learning

Best LinkedIn Learning Web Development Courses

Become a Full-Stack Web Developer

In this curated collection of 17 courses, you’ll learn the skills needed to work with both back-end and front-end technologies as a full-stack developer.

JavaScript Essential Training

Learn JavaScript through practical examples and mini-projects.

Web Programming Foundations

This course teaches you what happens when you enter a URL or click on a link. Essential if you want to be a web developer.

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Mammoth Interactive

Mammoth Interactive offers video tutorial courses in programming, data science, and web development. All courses are taught by experts in their field. Over 800,000 copies of these courses have been sold which is some pretty solid social proof! 

💰 $19/month or you can buy courses individually.

mammoth interactive

Best Mammoth Interactive Web Development Courses

Coding for Cats | Cat-Themed JavaScript Course

Learn to code in JavaScript through cat-related examples. Perfect if you love cats or are looking for something a little more fun and engaging.

Hello Coding 2020: Anyone Can Learn to Code (250 Hours)

Best-selling 5-course bundle chock full of projects that teach you how to build websites, games and apps.

Build Websites with Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3

Bootstrap is currently the most-used library on GitHub. This course will take you from zero Bootstrap knowledge to building real world themes and websites.

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One Month

One Month is ideal for those who want to build their own “thing,” whether that “thing” is a business, app, or new career. Aside from teaching programming and web development, they also have marketing courses and others that relate to building something of your own. It’s based on the idea that you can teach yourself to code (or do other things) in just one month! 

💰 $299/year.

one month

Best One Month Web Development Courses

Programming for Non-Programmers

This beginner course is the perfect intro to web development and programming. Best for people who want to gain a basic understanding of coding before they start learning an actual coding language.

Learn HTML

A four-week course that teaches you how to build your first website with HTML. Along the way, you’ll learn CSS, FTP, SEO best practices, Facebook API, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap, blog theming, and much more.

Learn JavaScript

Build four real-world projects that you can add to your portfolio, including an app that searches for animated GIFs, a SoundCloud app, and more.

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Pluralsight offers thousands of video courses, in-browser coding challenges, learning paths, hands-on projects, webinars, and much more all on web development-related topics. One of the most interactive platforms on this list (tons of assessments and quizzes, guided feedback, course discussions)! 

💰 $29/month or $299.00/year. Read my full review of Pluralsight here.


Best Pluralsight web development courses

JavaScript Core Language

Learn the basics of JavaScript arrays, collections, and functions, as well as more advanced topics like asynchronous programming.

Building Progressive Web Applications

Learn how to build progressive web applications (often called a PWA) that can work on both desktop and mobile devices. The only prerequisite is knowledge of HTML.

Introduction to Web Development

One-stop course that covers everything you need to know to create websites. Taught by a front-end developer at Reddit.

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With 20k+ courses contributed by in-house experts and community contributors, Skillshare is the perfect platform if you’re looking for a little bit of everything. There are tons of web development courses, but there are also tons of creative courses that could inspire you to pick up a new hobby (e.g., baking, animation, illustration, painting). 

💰 $19.00/month or $99/year.


Best Skillshare Web Development Courses

Coding for Beginners: You can code!

Learn to code a real app from scratch. Introduces you to important coding concepts you’ll use no matter what programming language you end up choosing. 

Web Development Fundamentals: Javascript

A beginner-level course that teaches you how to add interactive features to websites using JavaScript. 

Understanding Web Development: A Beginners Guide to the Web

Breaks down how the web works to help you choose your long-term learning path in web development.

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Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse has a solid course library. They offer individual courses as well as recommended tracks to follow, like the “web design” track. Team Treehouse material has an emphasis on web development and design, though they also have some business and “digital literacy” Treehouse courses. Students who give a Team Treehouse review often comment on the quality and enthusiasm of the instructors. You get to interact with them personally, as well as the rest of the Team Treehouse community like fellow learners. 

💰 $25/month or $250/year for the basic plan, $49/month or $490/year for the pro plan, $199/month for the Techdegree. Read my full review of Team Treehouse here.

team treehouse

Best Team Treehouse Web Development Course


A bootcamp-style course that includes projects, workshops and quizzes. There are five different Techdegree programs to choose from, including Front End Web Development and Full Stack JavaScript.

Front End Web Development Track

This collection of courses teaches you how to build interactive websites with HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Design Skills for Web Developers

It’s important for web developers to work with designers and this course will teach you how to speak the same language and learn to think like a designer.

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Udacity offers courses in tech topics like web development, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, business, and more. The platform is known for its Nanodegree programs, which offer credentials upon completion of a certain amount of projects within a learning path. Cost varies. 


Best Udacity Web Development Courses

Front End Web Developer Nanodegree

Over the course of four months (5-10 hrs/week), this program will teach you how to build and develop a variety of websites and apps. This nanodegree also comes with personal career coaching!

Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree

Teaches you how to build database-backed APIs and web apps. Benefits include: real-world projects, technical mentor support, and a personal career coach.

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Udemy has 130,000 courses and counting. Unlike most other platforms, anyone can upload and sell a course on Udemy, which means you’ll want to read Udemy course reviews before you enroll in one. Offerings on the platform cover a variety of topics from knitting to programming. Prices range from free to $300 per course, but there are often great sales around the holidays. On Udemy there is truly something for everyone, whether you’re looking to learn full-stack web development or knitting. 

💰 Generally from $20 to $50 per course (sometimes over $100). Read my full Udemy review here.


Best Udemy Web Development Courses

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Taught by Rob Percival who has a degree in math from Cambridge University. Comes with a friendly, informal community to support you, personal contact with Rob himself, and free unlimited web hosting for one year so you can get your website up and running ASAP.

The Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp

A bestseller on Udemy, this course has 50+ hours of content to take you from zero programming experience to building real websites.

The Web Developer Bootcamp

Completely updated in October 2020, this Udemy course is taught by a coding bootcamp instructor, Colt Steele. You’ll build over 13 projects and learn both beginner and advanced topics.

Check out these other awesome Udemy courses: The 30 Best Udemy Courses for Web Development (2020 Guide) 

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Zero to Mastery

Teaches web development courses in React, JavaScript, Python, CSS, and more. Build professional, real-world projects, join the community to start networking, and watch 300+ hours of content. Courses on Zero to Mastery have been taken by over 300,000 students around the world, with many landing jobs at companies like  Apple, Google, Amazon, and Tesla. 

💰 $29/month or $264/year.

zero to mastery

Best Zero to Mastery Web Development Courses

The Complete Web Developer in 2021: Zero to Mastery

In this super up-to-date course, you’ll learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, machine learning, and more by completing 10+ real world web development projects you can show off.

JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio

In this JavaScript-focused course, you’ll build 20 projects, including a music player, joke teller, bookmarks app, calculator, MS Paint clone, and more.

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The Best Free Web Development Courses

Learn JavaScript (Codecademy)

Join over 1.6M students who have taken this course and learn the JavaScript fundamentals you’ll need for front-end or back-end development.

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification (freeCodeCamp)

In this free 300-hour certification course, you’ll learn the basics of JavaScript through multiple algorithm creation challenges. 

Learn Python – The Fundamentals of Python Programming Language (Skillshare)

Python can be a great first programming language and this free course goes over the building blocks of Python. 

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (MIT OpenCourseware)

MIT offers various free self-guided courses in computer science and programming. This is a great one to start with, as it’s aimed at students with little or no programming experience. Teaches Python and how to think like a web developer.

Learn web development (Mozilla Developer Network)

If you prefer reading text over watching video lectures, this self-guided, tutorial-based course from Mozilla, the team behind the Firefox, could be perfect for you. This course takes you from “beginner” to “comfortable” not “beginner” to “expert,” but it gives you the foundation you need to succeed in web development.

HTML/JS: Making webpages interactive (Khan Academy) 

Khan Academy also offers various free web development courses. This interactive webpage course is a relatively simple one to start with, but I can also recommend Intro to JS : Drawing and Animation, Intro to SQL: Querying and Managing Data from Khan.

Want more? Check out 81+ Best Places to Learn to Code For Free 

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Picking the Best Web Development Courses for You

There are tons of both free and paid online web development courses out there — hopefully one of the above courses jumps out to you!

It all depends on what your learning goals are. For example, want to learn JavaScript? Pick a course that focuses on that. Want to learn about all aspects of web development in one crash course? Choose a bootcamp-style course.

🌟 Did I miss any awesome web development courses? Let me know in the comments below!