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10 Top AI Careers & What They Involve

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These days, you can hardly read the news without seeing some headline about new advancements in AI.

It’s not just a field of the future anymore: artificial intelligence is having a major impact on the world right now, and the opportunities are only growing. 

All these new developments make AI careers some of the most exciting roles to explore in tech right now. If you’re curious about exactly how to work in artificial intelligence,

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How to Become an Android Developer: Skills, Responsibilities, Salary, Etc

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Are you passionate about mobile apps and interested in becoming an Android developer?

Learning Android app development can be a great fit for a creative programmer who loves building things.

Your first step is understanding what technical and non-technical Android developer skills you’ll need and what responsibilities to expect as you progress through the Android developer career path.

In this special guest post, Natalia Kharchenko joins us to share information and advice on how to become an Android developer.

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What’s the Best Keyboard for Programming? 11 Great Coding Keyboards

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When you’re spending hours in front of a computer learning to code, it’s worth investing in some good technology to improve your experience. For many people, that includes finding the best keyboard for programming! ⌨️

A good coder keyboard can increase your efficiency, keep you comfortable, and ultimately help you enjoy coding more.

I’m a big believer in quality over quantity for these types of purchases. Once you find the best coding keyboard for you and your needs/wants,

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What Is Functional Programming? Benefits, Uses, & Languages

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What is functional programming? It’s a type of programming paradigm—meaning a way of thinking about and organizing code to solve problems.

Different programming paradigms are based on different concepts, principles, and practices about the best way to code for different projects.

Functional programming paradigms are based on the concept of functions as the primary building blocks of programs.

Functional programming focuses on creating pure functions that take inputs, process them, and return outputs without modifying the original data.

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What Is Wireframing? Everything You Need to Know

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What is wireframing in design and why is it useful for building websites or apps?

In web design, wireframing is like a blueprint for a website. UX/UI wireframing is also used to help build software and mobile apps

Essentially, a website wireframe is a rough sketch/visual guide that establishes the structure and flow of a site (or app), but in skeletal form.

They aren’t super detailed, but there’s still complexity to them.

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